Culpeper Shawl


After a lazy Sunday afternoon, it’s time to start a new project. I’m using the yarn my mum bought for me at Christmas to make the Culpeper Shawl.

The colours and the gradient on the yarn is lovely, but I’m not so sure about the yarn itself. It’s Wolltraum My Melodyy, a 4-ply yarn, but the strands aren’t actually plied together, as you can see from the photo. It looks okay knitted up, but it’s incredibly splitty, even when just knitting. Doing double-decreases for the shawl’s lace pattern is painful.

I had a go at plying it on my wheel, but I couldn’t get a balanced yarn that didn’t feel like wire, so I’ve gone back to using it how it came. We’ll see how it goes.

wolltraum_close_upAnother problem I noticed with it was the colour changes. These are done by cutting a single ply, and joining another ply in the next colour, then a bit later changing another ply, then another. If I leave the joins in, they’ll stand out like a sore thumb in the finished knitting, so I’ll have to cut the knots out. There are going to be so many ends to weave in!

Surprise gift


I have been hanging my nose over this half-finished blanket crocheted by my mum for well over a year. She must have finished 20 other projects easily while this was sitting half-made and in pieces under her table! I was absolutely shocked when she pulled out the finished blanket, and even more when she gave it to me!

The photo only shows about a third of it, it is massive, and so snuggly since it’s made with 100% merino. It weighs a ton. I’m almost annoyed spring is on it’s way so I can’t cuddle up under it all day!

Thanks Mum – I absolutely love it!

Furiosa Socks


furisa film.pngHot off the needles, my Mad Max inspired Furiosa socks. I fell in love with this Furiosa sock blank from Wild Yarn Dreams, and had to buy two! This is the first pair of socks knit using it. I’m not massively happy with the way they turned out, but the colours are just fantastic. The change from dark to light brown should have been more gradual, but I was getting fed up with the brown and cut some yarn out of the middle.

The socks started out as Tabitha Heart’s Climbing Lace socks, but about half way up the foot I realised I didn’t really like the pattern, so I decided to experiment and have the central lace go to the outside of the leg while another lace pattern started in the middle and went to the opposite side of the leg. It worked surprisingly well considering I was changing the pattern on the fly!

For the heel, I used the Fish Lips Kiss heel (I cannot gush over how good this heel is enough!), and on the back I started some twisted stitch ribbing to make sure the socks fit snugly enough. When I got bored of that, I made up a simple travelling stitch pattern, and finished the socks with about half a row of yarn left over.

sock blank

The sock blank was made using a doubled up yarn, so you could knit socks two-at-a-time sock blank 3directly from it if you wanted to if you started from the blue end. I wanted to knit the socks toe up though, to make sure I could use all of it and get the full gradient on the socks, so I would it in to centre-pull balls first.

Sand Blanket Sampler


I came across this pattern on ODDKnit’s blog. It’s a really simple idea, but it works fantastically well. The organic waves remind me of the patterns left on a beach by a retreating tide, and have gotten me dreaming of summer holidays! It would be easy to substitute any textured stitch pattern in the waves to keep things interesting, and maybe a few twisted stitch waves. I might try this for the next scarf I knit.

Fabulous Fibre

Came home to a treat today, and just in time for the weekend. The latest instalment of Countess Ablaze’s fibre club. 150g of hand-dyed teeswater and mulberry silk in a bright rainbow gradient called ‘Good Enough’. The photo really doesn’t do the colours justice. It feels lovely – I really can’t wait to spin it up!

I think this one will need to be chain-plied to keep the gradient, and then turned in to bright summer shawl.

The only problem is I’m still only half way through last month’s fibre. I’ve been on a massive sock and mitten knitting binge and not had time to get my wheel out.